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Map|World Atlas , Africa - Physical. Pergamon World Atlas. 1967|Vintage Fine Art

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Map size: 18x24 inches

Map Description: Africa - Physical. Pergamon World Atlas. Pergamon Press, Ltd. & P.W.N. Poland 1967. Sluzba Topograficzna W.P. , Pergamon World Atlas. Pergamon Press. Oxford, London, New York, Toronto, Sydney, Paris, Braunschweig, Tokyo. P.W.N. - Poland. Polish Scientific Publishers. Warszawa. 1968. , This is the English edition of the Polish Atlas Swiata. This massive atlas (weighing nearly 5.5 kilograms and containing 48 square meters of maps) is of high cartographic and aesthetic quality, and provid es a rich assortment of thematic (over 400) as well as hundreds of physical and political maps. Includes pictures of the flag and a synopsis for each country. Liberal yet tasteful and effective use of tinted colors, especially for topography and bathymetry. Rich use of symbolism creatively conveys the data in, a clear manner. Many maps of urban areas. Printed on beige paper. Printed in, Warsaw, Poland. Book No. 08 001958 7. Post and screw binding coupled w ith frequent use of fold-out maps eliminates any problem with the gutter.

Each Map is Hand Printed in our Studio

Fine Art Matte Paper (230g, 14mil) that maintains vivid colors and faithfulness to the original map.

Archival inks guaranteed not to fade for 200+ years

Your map will be shipped in a protective tube via first class mail

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Frame not included