1854 Spruner Antique of the British Isles in 1485 Map|Vintage Fine Art Reproduct
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1854 Spruner Antique of the British Isles in 1485 Map|Vintage Fine Art Reproduct

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Map size: 22x24 inches

Map Description: This is Karl von Spruner's 1854 map of the British Isles in, 1465. The map covers from the Orkney Islands to Cornwall, including Ireland. Two inset maps on the top right corner detail the Anglo-Scottish border country and the area around Glasgow. in, 1485, during the final battle of the War of the Roses, Henry Tudor defeated Richard III and marrying elizabeth of York, becoming the first english monarch of the Tudor Dynasty. The Tudor dynasty would rule the Kingdom of england and the Ki ngdom of Ireland till 1603. The last of the Tudor dynasty monarchs was elizabeth I, who died without an heir. She did however arrange for the succession to the english throne by the House of Stuart, thus uniting england and Scotland. The whole is rendered in, finely engraved detail exhibiting throughout the fine craftsmanship of the Perthes firm. Prepared by Karl Spruner for publication as plate B III in, the second edition of Justus Perthes' 1854 Historic h-Geographischer, Hand-Atlas zur Geschichte der Staaten europa's vom Anfang des Mittelalters bis auf die Neueste Zeit .

Each Map is Hand Printed in our Studio

Fine Art Matte Paper (230g, 14mil) that maintains vivid colors and faithfulness to the original map.

Archival inks guaranteed not to fade for 200+ years

Your map will be shipped in a protective tube via first class mail

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Frame not included

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