1844 Black of Switzerland Map|Vintage Fine Art Reproduction|18x24|Ready to Frame
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1844 Black of Switzerland Map|Vintage Fine Art Reproduction|18x24|Ready to Frame

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Map size: 18x24 inches

Map Description: A fine example of Adam and Charles Black's 1844 map of Switzerland. It covers the entire country and shows the division by Cantons from Vaud to Grisons. Throughout, the map identifies various cities, towns, rivers, roadways, mountains and an assortment of additional topographical details with relief rendered by hachure. As this map was issued, Switzerland was undergoing a rapid social and economic change known as the Regeneration Movement. Following the French July Revolution in, 1830, the Swiss began to assemble and call for fair representation and new Cantonal constitutions. After the ratification of a federal constitution in, 1848, Switzerland underwent a rapid social and economic development. The cantonal currencies were replaced by a single currency (the Swiss Franc) and many of the cantons subsequently established representative governments and instituted freedom of the press and trade. This map was engraved by S. Hall for issue a s plate no. in, xVII in, the 1844 edition of Black's General Atlas .

Each Map is Hand Printed in our Studio

Fine Art Matte Paper (230g, 14mil) that maintains vivid colors and faithfulness to the original map.

Archival inks guaranteed not to fade for 200+ years

Your map will be shipped in a protective tube via first class mail

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Frame not included

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