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1933 Sewah Studios Pictorial of Ohio (The Chicago World's Fair) Map|Vintage Fine

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Map size: 20x24 inches

Map Description: This is a beautiful pictorial map of Ohio published by the Ohio Commission to A Century of Progress International exposition at the Columbian exposition or The Chicago World's Fair. It covers the state of Ohio in, detail with numerous illustrations throughout, referencing history, topography, fun facts about Ohio, and points of interest, animals, etc. Some of these include ‘The only Y bridge in, the United States', Natural Bridge, ‘Throughout Ohio are many interesting caves and caverns. in, this locality are some of the most extensive', ‘birthplace of Senator Grant', etc. The map also identifies rivers and highways. The bottom half of the map includes information about the state and suggestions on ways to display the map, including ‘This map can be most interestingly made into a decorative wall piece, a wastebasket, a tea tray or lam shade…'. This map promotes Ohio as 'The oldest state west of the thirteen original colonies; now the fourth state in, the Union in, population, third in, manufacture; siin, xth in, minerals mined; and among the foremost in, agriculture' and ‘A good state to visit, better yet to live in.' Created by Sewah Studios, Marietta and published by the Ohio Commission to A Century of Progress International exposition.

Each Map is Hand Printed in our Studio

Fine Art Matte Paper (230g, 14mil) that maintains vivid colors and faithfulness to the original map.

Archival inks guaranteed not to fade for 200+ years

Your map will be shipped in a protective tube via first class mail

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Frame not included